Journal Entry: June 2013

I made a journal entry on my old site titled 'The Purpose of Duty' on Friday the 14th in June 2013. It has been almost 7 years since then and I feel the same today.

The captain of a ship navigates his ship through the oceans. In doing so he faces strong winds and rough seas. Some ships go down while others survive to see another day hoping it to be calmer and quieter.

A trader just like the captain manages his fund through the uncharted territories of future price movements. The captains never fight the winds and tides they simply adjust the sails. Similarly traders adapt to the market to live another day. The market can remain irrational longer than a trader can remain solvent.

In hindsight I think this is something I still believe in. It is futile to go against basic discernible trends. Either we go through with it or sit it out. The current trends are not favorable for most of the types of investors.

I would avoid making any new long term bets. 


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